Brawl Maker - FAQ

Can you add my map to Brawl Stars?

Sorry, but we don’t decide which maps are added to Brawl Stars. Brawl Maker is just a creative fan app not related to the game company (Supercell) .

Can you give me any advantage (brawlers, coin, gems) on my Brawl Stars account?

We can’t because Brawl Maker is just a creative fan app not related to the game company (Supercell).
Since we don’t enforce or promote cheating, we wouldn’t even if we could.

Why is my favorite Theme / Event not available on Brawl Maker

Sorry to hear that. We try to update Brawl Maker as fast as we can. Please be patient, if your favorite Theme or Event is available on Brawl Stars it should be available soon. Remember that Brawl Maker is just a creative fan app, not Brawl Stars itself.

My Brawl Stars account is lost / hacked / blocked – can you help me?

We’re sorry to hear that, but we are not related to the game’s company. Please refer to the official Brawl Stars support page by Supercell.

Why are there ads / too many ads in the app?

Brawl Maker is totally free to use for you – the only way we maintain the project is through advertising. We always pay attention to user experience, so we don’t show invasive or inappropriate ads.

Can I pay to remove the ads in the app?

Since it’s against the Supercell terms of service to charge anything or sell fan content, ads are the only available revenue source to keep developing and maintaining our apps.

I’m a YouTuber / content creator / online influencer and wish to partner with Brawl Maker

Please send us a mail to so we get to know each other.

Why isn’t the app available in my language?

Our app is currently available in several languages detailed in the menu description.
We are planning to translate it to other languages with the help of the community. If you want to help us, please post a topic here and we will contact you.

Wait! I have a great idea on how you could improve Brawl Maker. Who should I talk to?

First of all thanks for helping! Please post a topic here where you detail your idea. We will get in touch if we need additional info.
:warning: Remember that Brawl Maker is not affiliated with Supercell, please contact us regarding Brawl Maker only.

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